Hello! Iā€™m Helen.

In addition to a 15-year career in market insight, I am a trained social media manager, on a mission to help businesses understand their audiences through research and engage with them through social media - devising strategy and helping develop authentic content that inspires, informs and adds value.


I'm creative and enthusiastic and I love building relationships with clients and their audiences. Insight is at the heart of what I do - I love discovering what makes people tick!  And I find huge satisfaction in turning that insight into something impactful and directional.

I'm passionate about championing the great outdoors and the amazing and diverse county of Norfolk. In my free time, I run a page called Routes for Little Boots which provides inspiration to help kids discover and explore the amazing Norfolk countryside, including pushchair/toddler-friendly walks and outdoor activities. You can find me there on Facebook and Instagram

I live near Norwich but work nationwide. Contact me today to find out how I can help you engage with your customers!